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About Me:

Meet Holly Chessman

A seasoned professional, I enable clients to achieve business goals through exceptional strategies and materials, providing:

  • Tools and teachings to enable quick growth 

  • Programs that achieve measurable success

  • Knowledge to enable clients stay on the cutting edge of the digital world

Holly Chessman is a VentureFizz Lead(Her)



Holly Chessman writes for Forbes

My passions include:

  • Working towards gender equality, diversity, and inclusion

  • Mentoring people transitioning back into the workplace or a new line of work

  • Speaking and writing about how women can grow their reputations and careers 

  • Science fiction (Doctor Who in particular though you'll often find my nose in a book)



I've worked at both large and small organizations. I've managed teams and handled projects for international audiences in a variety of markets. In addition to providing strategic marketing advice, social media savvy, and writing expertise, I regularly present about career growth and marketing education at tech companies, events, and other educational settings. 

For more about my credentials, check out my LinkedIn profile or writing samples.


Other tidbits about me:

  • Previous to my marketing career, I worked in software documentation as a technical writer

  • I attend industry events to keep up with new tech, diversity initiatives, and innovative programs

  • My B.A. is from U of M, Ann Arbor (double major in Communications and Creative Writing)

  • I lived in Israel for a number of years and speak Hebrew



I am regularly quoted as a marketing and diversity influencer. Click on a tiles below to check out some of the articles in which I've been quoted. If you'd like to include me in an article like the ones below, contact me and let's talk.

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If you scrolled through all that info, you know you want to work with me. Send me a note at or fill out the form below now. Let's make it happen!

Thanks! Be on the lookout for an email from me soon!

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