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Collateral, Infographics, And More

Need compelling content for your business? Take a look at the samples below and see what Holly Chessman can do for you.


Each tile below links to a writing sample. Click the ones that interest you. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact me today and let me know.

McKinsey Data Sheet

This is one of a series of data sheets written for McKinsey about their offerings.

Glance Networks Case Study

This customer success story was written for Glance Networks.

Guardium White Paper on SOX

This white paper is a technical piece about Sarbanes-Oxley Database Compliance.

Empirix White Paper

This white paper was written for Empirix. It goes into detail about testing best practices.

Empirix Corporate Brochure

This corporate brochure was written for Empirix to showcase the breadth of their solutions.

Financial eBook

This eBook was written to explain to people in the financial market why they should be interested in visual engagement software.

Visual Engagement eBook

This eBook about visual engagement software was written for Glance Networks.

Lumigent Data Security Brochure

This brochure was written for Lumigent about data security.

Glance for Salesforce data sheet

This data sheet is about Glance's integrated Salesforce offering.

Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery Mail

This physical mailer was developed for the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

Referral Partner Program Handout

This handout was developed to promote the referral program Glance Networks was promoting.

Glance Panorama

This is a high-level handout about Glance's integrated visual engagement solution.

This is one of many infographics I have created (this particular one was developed while I was running marketing for Glance Networks). If you want to see more, contact me today and let me know.
Infographic abot Women in Tec


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